We strongly believe in the power of self-expression and the ability of [t-shirt] art to inspire change.

Browse our collection of freedom loving, truth seeking, fact stating, hypocrisy citing, false flag exposing, solution presenting, community building, conversation starting and often comical apparel art.

And then…

Showcase your individuality, declare your rights, invite discussion, bring attention to the hypocrisy and tyranny, be the solution, find other like-minded and awake souls, support fellow liberty loving people, show those less BOLD that they are NOT alone and most importantly laugh and enjoy yourself …the tyrants can’t stand it!

lol 😉

What we have planned. We’re creating a side hustle to become a little more self-reliant, for starters, because hey, we don’t have to pay for design skills since we have the experience. If you don’t already have passive income, start looking into it with us. This will also be a trial for crypto, once we get started we’ll update the payment options to include alternative forms of exchange. CBDC’s will mean an end to privacy and eventually our freedom to choose what we do with the value we create; we’ll need other ways to trade with each other to avoid the absurd plan of total top down control, which leads into our next goal of community. Maybe the state I’m in is just tough for finding like minded people; they seem few and far between. I ordered a few shirts along the lines of the Triple-S brand, and people were gravitating towards the shared views expressed by my new shirts, it’s an ice breaker and magnet for the people I’m looking for. Also if you’re here, there’s no doubt you’ve tried to inform family and friends about what’s happening in the world. It’s a strange condition to either be oblivious to anything not mainstream and spoon-fed or to be so afraid that the subconscious mind chooses to disregard the truth to avoid having to face it. That’s alright, you’ve planted the seeds which we all hope sprout one day soon, expressing these concepts on clothing is a subtle way to introduce it to the masses on their own timeline, the more we see and talk about the alternatives the more everyone will realize there is always choice. There is a positive to their overzealous push for power, we were going along to get along before, following the old ‘plan’ which tends to push out our dreams in exchange for mostly meaningless habits and cycles and now we’re awake to the fact simply finding and following our purpose IS acting against the corruption, the fraud, the infiltration and the takeover of our institutions. The first steps to change have been taken. Together we exit and build our parallel communities / societies / private businesses living by what we know to be just and right in this amazing gift of life we’ve been given.