Here at Triple S we strongly believe in the power of self-expression and the ability of [t-shirt] art to inspire change.

Browse our collection of freedom loving, truth seeking, fact stating, hypocrisy citing, false flag exposing, solution presenting, community building, conversation starting and often comical apparel art.

And then…

Showcase your individuality, declare your rights, invite discussion, bring attention to the hypocrisy and tyranny, be the solution, find other like-minded and awake souls, support fellow liberty loving people, show those less BOLD that they are NOT alone and most importantly laugh and enjoy yourself …the tyrants can’t stand it!

lol 😉


Expressing the truth, your thoughts and values is more important than ever with the emergence of ‘fact checkers’ suppressing and censoring those ideas deemed dangerous to the system like in the dystopian novel 1984. Our collection of thought-provoking apparel allows you to send a powerful message, attract like-minded individuals, and repel the sleepwalkers. Join us in supporting freedom, finding community and learning to live a little more self-sufficiently after all, it was our demand for safety and convenience delegated outside our personal responsibility that got us here.

Calling Out Tyranny

Tyranny thrives when people remain silent and go with the flow. Stand up against oppression and injustice in a small way every day with a t-shirt that calls out the hypocrisy and exposes the truth. It’s a well excepted rule that we must wear clothing, might as well use it as a billboard for truth rather than promote name brands and celebrities, even when you’re tired of talking your physical presence continues to pronounce that you will not comply be silenced or live in fear.

Showcasing Individuality

Your t-shirt is a canvas for self-expression. Choose from our wide range of designs that reflect your unique personality and beliefs. Stand out from the crowd and let your t-shirt speak a thousand words to the hundreds of people you pass by each day. Whether it’s a witty quote, a striking image, or a thought-provoking slogan, make a statement with your style.

Initiating Conversations

Art can be the catalyst for meaningful discussions. Spark conversations about freedom, truth, and the sad state of the world all sparked by a t-shirt that challenges the status quo. Connect with like-minded individuals who share your values and start to gather a community to be the change.

Uniting Americans

Our collection of t-shirts transcends political divides and unites Americans under a common cause: Liberty! Regardless of your background or beliefs, wear a t-shirt that represents the values and principles that once made America great …and will again.

Be a beacon of hope and a symbol of defiance, self-govern and command that autonomy toward whatever peaceful pursuits you can dream of.